My favorites

Everyplace I have been I have always sought out the places that have my favorite foods and treats. So lets play a game and see how many places we can add

Umbertos Pizza – Long Island New York

Ritas Italian Ice – Virgina Beach Va

Bella Italia – (Cannolis and Fresh Cheese) Virgina Beach Va

Trattoria Rustica – Pittsfield Ma – Great oven brick pizza

Feel free to add your favorite places

Just a quick

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13 thoughts on “My favorites

  1. mom

    Dairy Queen any were USA

  2. TGI Fridays, Applebees, Hey anybody remember the cheeseburgers in Henry’s NHP? ruby Tuesday’s Just naming a few pop

    Zman states – yeah those were pretty good burgers at henrys

  3. highway

    hmm i like mia territa restaurant its a colombian restaurant plus i like don juans gotta have my mexican but all time fav tenesee jacks bbq in east islip best bbq north of carolinas or memphis

  4. JustMe

    Of course my first choice would be T-Bird Pizza in Worcester, MA. Best pizza and fish and chips ever. Second would be the Clam Shack in Groton, CT. Whole-belly clams. um um um

  5. slickman

    I like vinny,s or loue,s those are good places to eat. late at night I still grave white castlle. and if I have the muches i go for the capt cruch.

  6. pop

    when I was stationed in Ft Polk in LA. I stopped in this small place in alexandria outside the Post It was called 3 corners They had some of the best Gumbo and Mud pie north of New Orleans .Then there was Dennys outside Ft Lee VA Best Breakfast on the east coast

  7. Anonymous

    Any Japanese restaurant is fine. I love sushi.

  8. Any Japanese restaurant is fine. I love sushi.

  9. I need some design ideas for my Zues Gazette Tshirt. Anyone that has a cool design let me know….Zman sends

  10. shantyman

    Now, I must say, when it comes to food you might think highway has this one covered, after all he is a chef but here is a list of the best around

    Steak – Wolfgangs in Manhattan is th best, better than Peter Lugers

    Sushi – The best Sushi I have ever had was at Sushi Seki ($200 per person) but worth it.

    All you ca eat – Plataforma Brazillian barbeque although any brazillian BBQ will do

    Pizza – Do not even ask…..

    Italian food – A little bit tougher but I would go with Il Mulino in Great Neck. Yeah, Slick, know you like Vinny’s but trust me on this one.

    Best Drinks – I would go with Asia de Cuba, byw the best lobster mash potatoes

    What else is there…

  11. Anonymous

    Boy sounds like you guys like to eat idea for the T-Shirts zues dressed as a greek god. Just a thought

  12. Pop

    Hmmm Zeus dressed as a greek God You know I like that Idea Well spoken anonymous.Any idea will of necessity include the Zman himself.OOORRR how about this The design would be Zman owner,Penelope,with Zeus in the middle

  13. Liz

    OK , my turn to chime in on great places to eat
    1. Victor’s Cafe in NYC (Cuban Food)
    2. Casa de mi Abuela in Andalucia, Spain (Argentinian Steak House)
    and last but not least…
    3. Ming’s in Skerries, Ireland (Best Chinese on the Emerald Isle…and its funny to hear Chinese people speak English with an Irish brogue!!!!).

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