Setting up simple

I have some things I say at work..sayings if you will.  For instance when one of my crew screws up I might say that kid is stuck on stupid or if the group is goofing off you would say they look like a couple of monkeys f’n a football.  Lately though I have heard and it makes sense Setting up Simple.  Which means dont overthink it, the task is as it seems.  I say this cause my brother Joe called me and we talked about how we wanted to organize going to Vincents when I got to New york…this is one of those things you figure as you go.  He is just overthinking this..(Lets just go there from the airport or do you want to meet us there later..what time do you think you will get there…how long is the drive.)  I would say this is one of those things that you are setting up simple..but then again it is Vincents and nobody ever accused me of being a rocket scientist..a quick duh thought

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4 thoughts on “Setting up simple

  1. I got a better idea Joe brings you and Lisa,and everyone else gets there as best they can. Does that make sense?Does to me

  2. Mom

    Do we have all rocket scientist in this family. Just get in your car and drive Glen Cove Rd. and Old Country. You all meet at a certain time. To much planning and nothing happens.

  3. liz

    I’m off from work that whole week… do you want me to pick you up at the airport? I’ll carry a sign like the limo drivers do.

    Zman states..No we dont need to be picked up we are going to rent a car at A/P

  4. Anonymous

    Who’s we? We coined that one?

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