Season of Sunshine

..Things are looking up…I am feeling great (minus my leg pain),  things at work are starting to get back to normal and my brother is getting married here in a week or so.  Back in October I didnt know if the spring and summer were going to be rainy seasons or sunny days so to speak.  Now that we are here, things are sunny and bright.  I cant say the following seasons are going to be the same cause I dont know how the Navy feels about LIMDU and such.  But hey it will either be bright sunny days in Atlanta or weathering the storm here in the Mid Atlantic.  House prices in Atlanta are cheap so bright and sunny there is sounding better and better everyday.  Just a quick seasonal thought…How about dem Yankees…

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6 thoughts on “Season of Sunshine

  1. My congrats to your brother. My sister and her husband just returned from Atlanta after attending a friend’s wedding. House prices in Atlanta are indeed a lot cheaper than here in San Diego. They are contemplating whether to move there.

  2. Don’t worry about the yankees,what about them dumbass mets. First they fire willie in the middle of the night,then they make motor mouth Manuel the manager.And what is the first thing this idiot does He tells the mets fans that they stink.I told Paige thatI wanted her softball team to play them and beat them

  3. highwayman

    pop your right mets and yankees suck paiges softball team would whoop there candy asses hey that would be funny steve whos leafless sounds like a great guy tell him thanks for the congrats anyways 8 days till we whoop it up yeah yeaH

  4. highwayman

    hey we all know auto racing is the best oh yeah

  5. Anonymous

    Calm down there Ricky Bobby. You still got a week before you “whoop it up!”

  6. capt

    hay youll im back been busy gret youll going to your bro wedding, dont youll eat to much green jello swith to red zman whats this vinnys we dont have them were i live youll have a woopen time
    zman you roc

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