The wedding and the itch

Weddings are always alot of fun especially when its your own family..Penelope and I had a great time this past week.  My brother let me stay at his house on the island,  beautiful house just a little weird for me cause I am so worried that someones’ house is going to be haunted. This one WAS NOT thankfully.  The mirror wall catches you off guard now and then though. I was my brothers’ best man and I thought the ceremony was a beautiful one ..the unity candles is a great touch if you have never seen them in a ceremony.  Its always tough going north cause I always think about how Penelope and I could move there..i.e can we afford it, where would we move etc…it would be great to live closer to family..i just cant imagine a scenario that would present itself to make it possible….just a quick thought…

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3 thoughts on “The wedding and the itch

  1. shantyman

    Well if I hit Lotto that would do it for you so you can pull for me. Anyway, the wedding was real nice. I was good to see highway in good hands with his new family. It was also great to see you and Penelope. D could not stop talking about how good Penelope looked, all put together, etc. Hang tough

  2. Mom

    It was so great to see both of you. Family is the most important thing. Yes those mirrors freaked me out to. I’m sorry we missed you on Sat. hopefull we can get together when I am in VA for the conference.

  3. JustMe (Penelope)

    Why, thank you D but I thought I looked like a beached whale in that dress. Love the dress. Just don’t love me in it. Would have looked really nice on you with all that color you got. 🙂

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