The problem with an empty tank!

Well its seems that a part at work got lost and it turned out to be my fault.  The replacement cost is 500 dollars. It happened when i first checked in to this command,  it was just inattention to detail on my behalf.  I would have been stressed out and over the top concerned about this in the past, but I just cannot seem to muster enough energy to really care at all about it.  The real trouble with me is why I dont care.  RETIREMENT!!.  Believe me when I say that I am just done with this job..I am sooo ready to move on.  Getting sick and past it is really 75% of the reason.  Being a Navyman for the last 16yrs has been a great adventure and I have loads of memories and can I go now.  A 20yr retirement is important and if I have to stick it out I will..but disability is looking better and better everyday.  Yeah i work for a civilian that is the antichrist..but this mess is all my own.  My only question on most days is can I go home and asking Sailors that are getting ready to retire what they are going to do in retirement…When I got sick the worst thing that could possibly happen to a Sailor with my time in service..happened…rather then thinking about getting back to work and recharging my batteries I started to think WOW a way out so I can move on..I came to shore duty tired already…illness didnt help and then a different mindset took over..I dont think I am any different then someone else in my position though….just a quick (CAN I GO NOW) thought

P.S.   Penelope won a star performer award at work ..for being an outstanding worker at the office…she received a medal and 200 Dollars woo hoo.

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6 thoughts on “The problem with an empty tank!

  1. Joke of the day:
    Pat and Mike went to work for a Guiness stout brewerie in Limmerick.About week into ther job the unthinkable happend when Pat fell into a vat of Stout and drowned.Mike being the good man taht he was went to tell old Pat’s widow in person.After hearing all the details of the incident from Mike,she asked him “ike did me poor darlin suffer/” To which old Mike replied No Me darlin Matilda I do believe he enjoyed himself. He must have He climbed out of the damn vat three times to pee” Love to all pop

  2. Hey everyone This one came from letterman believe it or not
    Former President Clinton donated his saxophone to the Smithsonian.The press asked him if he was taking up a new Instrument ” Yes came the answer The Hore-Monika “

  3. Anonymous

    Who is that guy with all of the hair!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Who is that guy with all of the hair!!

  5. Anonymous

    The guy with the hair should share

  6. Anonymous

    Nobody cares who has hair in this family, just who talks to whom..

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