Out of the blue!!

My aunt emailed me out of the blue.  I have not talked to her in a little bit, growing up I liked her she always struck me as a rebel.  Long story short we fell out of touch for whatever reason.  She lives with them crazy people on THE ISLAND.  It’s always been to funny to me how family are people thrown together by fate and others are surprised when they dont get along at times.  Like all of us, she has not always had it easy but her ability to get hit and keep moving forward (THATS A FIGURE OF SPEECH) is in my book admirable.  I look forward once again to sharing the stories of my life with her and keeping in touch ..family is after all the people in this life that you can most count on.. just a quick family thought…

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4 thoughts on “Out of the blue!!

  1. highway

    hey bro good to have you back on the page great pic love to you lisa and the z man

  2. Joke of the day. The Lord heard a commotion going on at the gates to heaven.He walked out and saw Former President Clinton angrily demanding to be let in,while on the inside of the gate St Peter was doubled over with laughter
    “what is going on” the Lord inquired. St Peter after gaining back his composure looked at Clinton and said “Now tell him what you just told me” Clinton replied “The only reason I had sex with Monika was she told me she would make me bigger than I was
    Love Pop

  3. new mrs mcd

    Nice picture… the guy with the mustache is a real cutie!

  4. Sounds like a true family man. 🙂

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