The Block Party Tradition!!

So I am sitting here at the computer surfing the net about VB Block Party Regulations, wondering if it is worth it to get the ball rolling for having a BP in my neighborhood.  Some of my fondest memories in my life are about block parties..when I was younger we had them all the time seemed like every summer…my brother had some good ones at his last house…my other brother who lives in the perfect neighborhood for one i guess is too much of a miser to get one going.  So the tradition comes back to me..the regs in VB state that the BP can last no more then 4 hours that just does not seem right…I just dont know..anyways just a quick party thought…..

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2 thoughts on “The Block Party Tradition!!

  1. Anonymous

    Agreed. The block parties were always fun. I remember one time after one of the block parties my father took me to get White Castle for everyone – something about those ole’white castle hamburgers!
    You’re right – your brother always did have great block parties.
    Take Care. Anniecuteone.

  2. matt

    yeah yeah blockparties were ok

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