The Scrapbook!!

I was sitting around the office today talking story with some of the guys I work with.  Listening to some of the sea stories and telling a few of my own…I forget how much fun the last 16 yrs of my life have actually been.  In 94 there was the homeport change to Hawaii where i would live for the next four years.  From 94 to 97 there were a couple deployments to Japan and Diego Garcia…i remember the dets to Australia and Thailand as growing experiences…boy becomes Man type stuff…hell come to think of it…my first 4yrs in the Navy were one big party with a few daylight hours. I have been to the South Pole, and seen penguins in their natural habitat.that was really neat.  Like other Sailors will say this job becomes a grind the more senior you become..but the dets, deployments and cruises to the Caribbean for some operation or another make you remember why this job is so special at times.  I look forward to the time when I can hang up the blues for good, but ironically its that very same uniform that helped create funny memories of people, places and things…just a quick scrapbook thought

P.S   How about the Giants trading Shockey..take care pal…

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7 thoughts on “The Scrapbook!!

  1. highway

    hey bro i hear you thats some great places and stuff you seen down the line you will have some great stories and even better some wonderful memories well hang tough bro love ya

  2. truck drivin man

    yeah yeah highway in the house

  3. Anonymous

    Memories are good

  4. Anonymous

    Dont forget you met your lady in the navy didnt you!

  5. JustMe

    I know just what you mean. I met my husband in the Navy.

  6. Memories are good.

    P.S. Thanks for your little help over at my blog. I was indeed running thin on ideas for my “pick your favorites”.

  7. Anonymous

    I always thought that you were very lucky. You got to travel the world! Memories are a good way of seeing just what a great life you’ve had. And …. you did meet your beautiful wife while in the Navy!! Aunt Dot

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