La familia!!

The above is the family during an family occasion.  It was the christening for my brothers’ youngest.  I of course was not there because I live down here and they live up there and sometimes I cannot make it for one reason or another.  I love my family they add humor and intrigue to my sometimes dull life,  my 2 brothers mike and joe always seem to make me laugh mostly about stories growing up and Matt is one of the more colorful characters that I know..never short of a good story about this or that.  These are the people (along with my Penelope) I share the journey of my life with.  I have been and always will be a strong believer in symbolism when it comes to pictures. I love black and white photography as their is always a story to tell.  This picture as I look at it tells a story of its own, my favorite people on this planet.  There are a few people besides Penelope and myself that are missing..but I guess that is whats’ intriguing about life’s journey is sometimes the people you know best get off and get back on a different stops….just a quick family thought

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One thought on “La familia!!

  1. “I love black and white photography as their is always a story to tell.”

    I love BW photos. They give me a nostalgic feel.

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