Well well..I had planned on enjoying a few more days of not talking to the world..but like all things nothing stays constant and things do change…First and foremost there is news on the penelope got offered a job in come next year we will be moving to the the peach state. Yeah…..I love the warm weather and I look forward to enjoying that part of the country with penelope. One of my big decisions i already made when i she first told me about possibly moving..that is to trade in my yankee hat for an Atlanta Brave next season i will start to follow the braves and hopefully be one of those guys that has season tickets..yeah..we dont know what kind of schedule we are going to do when it comes to selling or how long I will Geobach it…but I am immensely proud of my sweet thing so I will do anything we need to do to make this work…woo hoo…i look forward to this move and all the excitement that goes along with living in a new place woo hoo….just a quick changing thought

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2 thoughts on “Changes!!

  1. Mom

    glad to see you back you will always be a Yankee’s fam

  2. highway

    yeah peach state very beautiful nothing wrong with becoming a southern boy hell yeah we got us another redneck

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