Fall down..Go boom!!

Well since I have to get my knee in shape…I decided to go buy a bicycle and Penelope wanted one too so we went this afternoon and bought mountain bikes…mine is the manly type and hers is cute blue girlie mountain bike.  The funny thing about riding a bike after you have not been on one is the fall down go boom factor…Penelope insisted on riding on Rosement road (the sidewalk) and low and behold the bush just happen to get in her way hahaahahha..she is alright just has a little nick on her ear …i need to get my knee in shape…so i think i want to enter a bike a thon next year..well see how that goes…

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5 thoughts on “Fall down..Go boom!!

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of biking I ride the “tour de cure” circut. Try it they have a web site.Riding for Diabetes Fellow EMS got me interested.Start off light.Bike a thon?Ride for a while get serious about it.I ride a Hyper Sometimes I get to the firehouse faster on the bike than I do with the car Pop

  2. Mom

    Ok guys now maybe someone could help me ride my bike, I also like Penelope have a blue bike, but my is old fashion I have coaster brakes, The tree got in my way to. Cynthia told me that I need training wheels. I guess you just have to practice, and it isn’t true that once you learn you never forget. I guess my legs just forgot

  3. Anonymous

    you guys have go to be kidding! Stay away from the all other people if riding a bike is this hard. How about I send T-Bone over to help.

  4. Mom

    This is for Anonymous let T-Bone help me or buy me training wheels They say you never forgot how to ride, I still guess my legs for got must be old age

  5. Anonymous

    Ya, I fell down once. Big deal.

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