Mcain Palin 08!!

No doubt in my mind that if Mcain picked a running mate that was strong on domestic policy and had good ideas on how to kick start the economy he would have at least gave Obama a contest.  Instead he chooses  a Jr Governer that is not very well known in the party.  His handlers must have been telling him..that it was time to emulate obama and break the glass ceiling.  Lots of other names out there  Kay Bailey Hutchinson,  Joe Leiberman, Mitt Romney…  Like other americans i want my quality of life to improve ..lower gas, lower food bill,  cleaner air..more money for cancer research..I just dont see how Gov Palin can help with those things and Mcain is too far disconnected from the younger generation.  When Obama hands Mcain his ass in November..  he should offer him the Sec of State job that would be good for america….and my knee seems to be feeling better ..The biking thing is really starting to work out for me…just a quick life thought

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4 thoughts on “Mcain Palin 08!!

  1. A majority of voters in this country are women, and not all women are liberals. McCain is going after conservative women. By picking Palin, McCain neutralizes Joe Biden. Biden would be wise not to act too aggressive towards Palin. Furthermore, Palin can claim executive experience–something Obama, Biden, and McCain lack. Most importantly, Palin can help solidify the conservative base. We must remember that GW Bush won two elections with the help of his conservative base. McCain took a risk, but it could also be a game changer.

  2. Guess what disgruntled pissed off Hillary supporters My man Mccain is going to pick up now.Big John is going to win

  3. Anonymous

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  4. JustMe

    Big John is going to win now? He is going to win because he chose some young skirt? Pop, come on, he screwed up picking her as his running mate. She doesn’t even mater at all in this race. He WAS doing ok until he picked her.

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