Everyone should have some sort of goal in there life, be it climb a mountain, write a book etc so on and so forth. I have decided one of my goals while yes a bit sedate is going to be cycle 2,000 miles. No I am not going to pick up and leave for LA…I will base it on a daily average and see how quickly I can get to that milestone.  I should be able to do it, in under a year.  I wanted to run a marathon and maybe I still will but for now I am going to take up cycling and see where it gets me. Realistically I can do this by some time in early March..woo hoo so thats my goal..and oh yeah GO GIANTS….just a quick exercising thought…

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2 thoughts on “Goals!!

  1. I have never ridden a bike before. Too scared of falling off. I’ll just stick with Wii Fit; hope to shed some pounds.

  2. highway

    hey bro sounds good its also great exercise liz and i gotta start riding we both can use the exercise hey love you bro keep writing

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