Mcain = DUH !!


I love my dad, like his generation they are super hard workers and they took care of their family the best way they knew how.  So I am sure he will excuse me when I say that he is super silly for voting for John Mcain.  The Senator had a chance to put Obama on the run with a solid VP pick like Leiberman or Hutchinson or Huckabee or Romney.  All people who have either strong executive experience i.e. Governers   or have sat with heads of state and and have talked about strong plans to kick start our economy.  What does he do, he picks a Jr Governer who now we find out has troubling schooling their daughter about the facts of life.  She has a great stance about alternative energy but that is at least 5 yrs to a decade aways from becoming a reality.  Anyone of his other choices more then likely could have delivered the Western states and the South.  At least he has picked up the Alaska delegates.  I am not sure what she is going to bring to the show, other then how to take a sound ass whipping during the VP debates.  Is their anyone on the planet that doesn’t believe she is going to get monkey stomped my Sen Biden.  Lets say by some miracle Mcain wins in November..who is he going to appoint to Secy of State..Michael Phelps did well in China maybe he will take the job.  Oh and lets not forget Mcain and the age thing.   VP Palin steps in a president…I think history remembers how it worked out for President Ford.  Good move you know why GW or Cheney or Condaleeza Rice didnt show up in Minnesota…just a quick duh thought

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6 thoughts on “Mcain = DUH !!

  1. Mom

    OK it’s only me, and I don’t always with my children on Poltics but Zman I am with you on this one. Yes as a mother she should have spoken to her daughter about sex. What upsets me more then her daughters situtation is hers. She is the mother of a 5 month old special needs child, who is going to take care of this child for the next 4 years, a Nanny, the baby needs his mom not some stranger. So Zman I think this time I will go with you.

  2. Anonymous

    I am with you Zman. While I am not a McCain fan (even less of a GW fan) I had my doubts about Obama. If would have picked Hillary, the election would have been over. Since he opened the door, McCain had a real chance of putting up a good fight. Now that he picked Palin, it seems everyone is wondering if maybe he has oval office fantasies about Palin. Trying to be like Bill!

  3. Just pop here. I have always taught my family never to be afraid to speak their mind about that which they truly believe.I spent half my adult life fighting for these rights as a soldier.Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and beliefs especially where politics is concerned.I respect Steve’s thoughts about McCain as well as everyone else..I do not like what is going on with our elected officials,and I believe we have to do something about restoring a modicum of decency.Further as a father and Grandfather I se the worry in the eyes of my family and wonder how far this lunacy is going to go.Vote your conscience Everyone has a stake in this election.I may even write myself in as President hahahah. Now before I go I am thinking about a family camping trip possibly before the end of the year Let me know how you feel about it Love to all pop

  4. Now to continue with what I was saying.Firstly I agree Gov Palin was wrong in accepting Mcs offerThat baby will need a full time Mom not a nanny.I don’t like the idea of bringing their personal lives into it.what Boob willy did was common place among the Democrats,but waht happened to that girl is every Parents nightmare I commend Barack Obama on his insistance that the press leave her alone.Indeed he has been conducting a clean campaign.Further I do not believe that comments made by J Fred Mugs last night accusing Obama of being incompetant were appropriate.They weren’t political they were Hollywood,Take it from wehere it comes.How that nit wit ever got elected to Congress is beyond me> He couldn’t make it there so he became an actor.The only actor that ever gave dignity to elected office was the late President Ronald Reagan.And the only member of the present administration that shows any kind of class is a womwn named Laura.Like I said I’m going to write myself in for President.It won’t do me any good but I’ll be satisfied with my vote.remember what I said about the Family Camping trip,or family trip to where ever pop

  5. shantyman

    Now i have to tell you. I listened to Palin speak last night and I was impressed. While she was not quite that honest, no politician is. She spoke well, bashed even better and looks a shitload better than anyone up there. She may get my vote

  6. I listened intently to what Mac had to say.Over all I didn’t think it a bad speech,but I was somewhat taken back on little or no mention of Veterans problems.I’m not very happy about his comments about labor leaders.In the last five or ten minutes he did what he should have done long ago He broke with GW.That may be too little too late,but remains to be seen.I watched the faces of veterans in the audience.Things did not look good.Cindy’s speech was pure class I really enjoyed it.Now energy MCCain and Obama are on the same road,and want the same things.I’ll tell you what is standing in their way it is called the enviromental Protection agency.These are the people who will stop off shore drilling,force shut down of Nuke plants,and force us to remain dependant on foreign oil.They will marshall their forces, at the mere mention of more drilling,and make no mistake about this they mean business. What other alternatives are there.Natural gas fine,but we have to drill and find these pockets of natural gas.
    You cannot manufacture it.The EPA must be put in their place and told to mind their damn business.Both candidates are close on a number of issues. The war and spending are the big sticking points.Both candidates are right on the money about getting us moving again.We must keep American Jobs and money at home,but to do this we have to do something about taxes.There are many other problems, and each of us sees these problems through theb eyes of our candidtae whom ever that may be. Pop

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