The Giants back at it!!

The thing that impresses me most more then Mcain or Obama or the Alaskan broad is that Big Blue is back on the job.  Marching up and down the field with authority.  The G men soundly and convincely took out the Redskins, I tell ya even with Strahan pulling the pin we have Justin Tuck step right in and throw Campbell to the ground.  Its true the Gmen get no respect so once again they will have to take it by abusing the qback and stopping the run.   Last night they picked where they left off with yet another win woo hoo….Go Giants…..On a lighter note..i finished reading that book Breaking Dawn the one surronded with all the hoopla..gotta say for 750 pgs it was terrific the last 4 pgs it was the biggest let down I have ever read, I should just take my happy ass back the the pages of Spiderman and the Hall of Justice those cats dont dissapoint..Hell spiderman dishes out an ass whippen like the one Mcain is gonna get here shortly……anyways I am feeling great and my leg seems to be getting stronger everyday….just a quick Big Blue thought….

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2 thoughts on “The Giants back at it!!

  1. JustMe

    Your my superhero. Ya, your leg is lookin’ good baby.

  2. capt

    hay youll i am back just wanted youll to know that i like football zman glad to see you back in cyber. youll have a good time zman youll roc the capt

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