Did he actually say that!!

If I had not heard it or had it told to me I would have not believed it.  Okay so,  I have a waiver for my next physical fitness test due to some of my medical stuff.  So like a dutiful Sailor  I got it signed by my doc and gave it to the building PRT ( Physical Requirements test) coordinator and he brought it over to the PRT office across the base.  The command PRT rep told him it needed to be signed by an endocrinologist.  K, here are a few things before I continue. 

1.  My type of Cancer had nothing to do with the thyroid or anyother gland. And I have no problems that involve endocrinology

2.  The fella that said I needed to talk to the endo doctor is NOT A MEDICAL PERSON,  he in fact is a Machinist Mate or Computer Rate.

3. The LIMDU chit (waiver) explained what type of cancer I had.

4. Its not up to the Machinist Mate to deny the chit just file it.

So now i continue where do you suppose the whole endocrinologist thing comes in.  My doctor is a hematologist cause I underwent chemo therapy.  Just think the U.S. Navy is a billion dollar business with 350,000 Sailors we are complete with a well trained and highly experienced Medical Corp.  But wait we have a Machinist Mate that knows where I need to go and who I need to talk too…did I mention that I need referrals and such to make an appt to get looked at by a doc that knows nothing about my case and would refer me back to my original doc…Either way the doc signed my waiver so sorry PRT guy this deal is done……unless of course he is LIMDU like I am……just a quick DUH thought

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