Great while it lasted!!

 One of the strangest things about going through that stuff last year was not getting the seasonal cold.  You get cancer but you dont get the cold or fevers that everyone else gets during the year.  Well my head is stuffed up and It feels like it weighs 1,000 lbs.  I didnt miss it, but the trade off not so great.  Talk to Dr B today and he said his parameters for me going back to sea or just that I need to be seen by him a regular intervals.  He stepped right over the fact that I cant go up and down ladderwells and running around the boat might be an issue.  But hey like everything in this life it will work itself out…have a vacation coming here soon..woo hoo…  NHP Homecoming is coming up and you bet I will be in atttendance this year…just a quick i have a cold thought

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