Sometimes if you wait!!

A long ago hero!!

A long ago hero!!

When I was first starting out I had this really great teacher but not a teacher in the traditional sense of the word.  No this person was a role model of mine they gave me a kick in the ass and got me started.  One of the lessons he taught me  was to be patient and the thing you are waiting for will happen all on its own.  He would say just wait for it the situation will present itself.  So I have waited and been patient sometimes more then I should have, and low and behold BAM here it is.  I have been lucky in my life like everyone else ..found money, beat an illness, etc so on and so forth.  But this is entirely different,  this is excuse my blasphemy heaven sent.   Just a quick thought that is to be continued

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One thought on “Sometimes if you wait!!

  1. shantyman

    Hey Z. I cannot remember when you are floating around the old homestead. E-mail me.

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