A Year In The Rearview Mirror!!

Well Friday the 24th will be a year ago that I was diagnosed with cancer.  I was one of those people that always thought it would never happened to me.  Since that phone call last year a few things have become blazingly clear.  I take seriously the stuff that needs to be, everything else I let it go.  I learned the importance of telling my family especially Penelope what she means to me, and she keeps the smile of life bright for me.  I take time every now and then and do the things I want to instead of always doing the things I have too.  I play hooky,  and go do the things that there never seems to be time for.   Stress is for people that enjoy it, not for people that understand it.  Nobody leaves this planet unscathed, so I am going to use the time that he gave me wisely.  And lastly I laugh at myself more often, and always smile because endgame that’s contagious.  The last year has been fairly miserable, in and out of the hospital but Penelope was their and held my hand and smiled for me.  The scar on my leg is a lifelong reminder of whats important to me in this life,  even though I wished it had not happened I am still here.  Still laughing and smiling beat that!!!  Just a quick healthy thought

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4 thoughts on “A Year In The Rearview Mirror!!

  1. Live life happy! Nothing is more important that. Cheers.

  2. Sometimes we need to be in a sad situation before we appreciate life and what we have around us…

  3. truckdrivinman08

    yeah its good to have you here with us we love you very much bro


  4. truckdrivinman08

    also your lucky to have the lovely lady penelope shes a real good woman alot like my liz well hey when you come this way we gotta catch up z-man is the bomb

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