No Admittance Thank Goodness!!

No Trolls allowed!!

No Trolls allowed!!

One of the things that I hate the most about having a blog is when you run into trolling.  I make an observation about something (in my case it was the ineffectiveness of the New Hyde Park Gladiator Head Football Coach Coach Dolan) and invited a multitude of anonymous comments.  Truly god awful comments ranging from obscene language to I am going to pop your tires when you come here.  Anyone can make an anonymous comment and say whatever they want apparently, hey you start a blog expect it.  Then the most amazing thing happened, I discovered the members’ only button with an email notification.  So now I can post and know who is commenting,  bye bye to trolling.  The best thing is that I can still say that they should Fire Coach Dolan as Head Coach because he just cant seem to run an effective football team…just a quick say bye bye to trolling thought

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3 thoughts on “No Admittance Thank Goodness!!

  1. truckdrivinman08

    yeah word of warning to all you mess with z-man you mess with his crew i will personally take you too the wood shed so all trolls beware trucker is watchin hey z-man i got your back oh yeah lets fire dolan he he he he he

  2. truckdrivinman08


    Zman states – Yeah what he said!!!

  3. pop

    Youy’ll be very much surpised how many will not rise to the occasion when their identity is required

    Zman states – Yeah its called COWARDICE….its the Hellacious Coach Dolan Fan club. I thought I saw Coach Dolan holding hands with one of his players at the mall. Thats what loser coaches do though!!

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