If you Die tomorrow????


While getting hot dogs from Dominics (something I have truly come to enjoy) the guy working the booth was talking about how he works 90 hrs a week and never seems to get time off to do the things that he wants to do.  Something struck me and I just had to come right home and write this down.  As I looked around my car, I noticed all the things that truly describe me,  The hot dog wrappers, the book receipts, little sticky notes, and a general messiness that is my life.  So what would your car tell about yourself if you died tomorow.  He drove (the dominics guy) a beat up pick up with a fishing pole in the cab.  If someone had to clean out your car would that describe who you are and what kind of life you led, habits and hobbies and such….dont know just a thought

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5 thoughts on “If you Die tomorrow????

  1. You should have seen my car. 🙂

  2. pop

    The Sportage almost always has that well lived in look.
    My truck would tell you how it hauled the house to Glen Cove I mean every thing that the movers didn’t take was in my truck

  3. My van is cluttered with books & magazines (I’m an avid reader), gasoline receipts (aghh!), some food wrappers (don’t eat too much fast food), bags of used clothing for Salvation Army (fall cleaning) and an emergency auto kit (came in handy when I had a flat on the LIE).

  4. Hmmm . . . I guess no one can guess the kind of person I am by looking at the things in my car 😐

  5. I second alien earthling 😐

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