Gladiator Football Endgame!!

Well been an interesting time this year watching Gladiator Football.  They have some charged up fans, excited about their team and the way they play the game.  Its no surprise that I am not the biggest fan of the Head Coach, but you make do with what you have until something better comes along.  A win this week against Elmont would be a huge finish for this team, as I dont see them making the Hofstra Final Four.  So like every other fan, its wait til next year…see you next year Gladiator Fans…just a quick Fire Coach Dolan thought so the Final Four is possible thought..

UPDATE:  11/7/08 The conversation went something like this

Question – So your interested in the job     Answer  –  Yeah absolutely, **** just got that job on Jericho so this will be good.  Question – Can I bring Ron ****** along as my assistant  Anwer – Sure bring whoever you want.  And I talked to George about the other thing we talked about, it will not be a problem, Tom ****** over at ******* doesnt teach there either.   Great so I will talk to you in the spring about what you need and the logistics.   Answer – Yeah thanks M****  Ok later…Guess I was not the only one!!!

Epilougue  11/8   –  Hewlett 32-NHP 7  Congratulations to NHP Gladiators on another season.  Best wishes to Head Coach Kevin Dolan where he and his staff may end up next season.

11/16   –   Coach Tyler’s Picks  –  Bethpage 0ver Plainedge    Elmont over Hewlett    Freeport over Massapequa

11/21  – Hey Coach Good call on the the Bethpage game, best game of the year.  Johnnie D and I should have taken Bethpage. Oh well maybe next year.

11/22 – Hey coach clean sweep with the picks..good job …dam dude what’s the secret..

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7 thoughts on “Gladiator Football Endgame!!

  1. noahhardstep

    Zman: I find your site rather illuminating,and quite impressive.. Moreover your list of books,and I make assumption that you have actually read them all, is indeed gratifying.Everyone should read more However I do not think that you have ever played very much football.It’s obvious that you know little about coaching.If you have ever done either you would not be as scathing in your criticism of Coach Dolan.Do you know the man? As the coach of a major college team I assure you that when it comes to this game there is little certainty.I do not care how good the coaching staff is,if the team is not playing up to their potential you will lose.The coach and his/her staff makes a difference,but the team has to be up to the job or all is lost..Stop practicing Bossism(George Steinbrenner).If the Yankees have a bad year and don’t make to the playoffs,guess who’s going to take a walk.Who is ever manager at the time. At the high school level they learn the game.They make their mistakes on the high school field.I categorically assure you sir,that I do not have the time to teach them.They either know the game well enough to make it past the cut,or I cannot help them.There’s too much at stake.When the scouts come here,they are not only looking at one or two players,but the team in general,and believe me they do talk to the Dean and the alumni association.Please try to be a little kinder in your criticism sir.Coaching is a tough job.Believe what I say is true.

    Zman states – I understand. Thanks for stopping bye coach Dont be a stranger.


    Are you still on this subject, I am sure Coach Dolan knows this is nonsense Right??

  3. anonoymous

    zman you were probably a scrub in high school and thats why you talk shit about dolan…your a **** loser

    Zman states – Coach Dolan is that you?? you really should not be drinking like that you four flushing lying sack a shit !!!

  4. rich

    i don’t understand the conversation part? what does that mean and who was it between?

    Question – So your interested in the job Answer – Yeah absolutely, **** just got that job on Jericho so this will be good. Question – Can I bring Ron ****** along as my assistant Anwer – Sure bring whoever you want. And I talked to George about the other thing we talked about, it will not be a problem, Tom ****** over at ******* doesnt teach there either. Great so I will talk to you in the spring about what you need and the logistics. Answer – Yeah thanks M**** Ok later…Guess I was not the only one!!! <–who is this about?

    Zman states – Its kind of a long story. But hey if you know who Ron and Tom are then you know what its about.

  5. Gladiator Forever

    Yo Zman. U have a Junior Varsity video up there incase you didnt kno. ur score is wrong for the hewlett game. I was actually there unlike you and i watched them play their hearts out. As an ALumni player, i see that u really dont kno what your talking about. U must have no clue what its like to coach a team. R u still mad that you rode the bench back in the day?

    Zman states – Oops 32-7 vice 42 yeah sorry about that. Wow great spelling you must have been one of them Nassau Community College 13th grade people. Yeah no kidding thats a JV game dumass. Hey here is something how about you write own email address instead of being one of Kevin Dolan’s puppets go back to sleep dumass you mother told to clean up your room.

  6. rich

    but i dont get it..i know who ron is..not sure bout tom…i think u should tell the pretty curious

    Zman states – Appreciate your interest, but baseball season is still months away. Its probably not what your thinking, and Its not my story to tell right now.

  7. NHP Alum

    Well Zman it seems as if you have all the answers. Answer this question when was the last time you were in NHP High School to see the talent pool Coach Dolan has to draw from. I am not a huge fan of losing, but if you would like Kevin has always been open to alumni help.

    Zman states – The Coach Dolan fan club they are persistent. Why does everyone care so much about an opinion I have. It’s not the Coach it’s the players that seems to be the overwhelming opinion of everybody that comments. Okay got it thanks!! If you absolutely despise my opinion then dont read or comment. Coach Dolan is the pillar of the community maybe he should run for mayor or something!!! I would hate to see the emails that Greg Serra and Bob Herzog get, and they tell it like it is concerning LI Football.

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