Chargin Forward!!

How about them Giants.  One of the happiest things there is when Big Blue takes out the Cowboys…I Truly despise the Cowboys so nothing is better then when the Giants run them over 35-14 WOO  HOO that was not even close…next on to Philly to take out the Eagles…Although I am not a huge college football fan it looks like the Paterno Nittany Lions swan song will be this year as Penn state will most likely get a BCS bid..the only other team that could boot them is Alabama its going to be interesting…just a quick winning thought…yeah you know who lost this week we dont need to talk about it….

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One thought on “Chargin Forward!!

  1. murdoch67

    Today I ‘ve seen something that vindicates my spirit,that reenergizes my soul.For the first time I see all those years in Uniform paying off.There are long lines waiting to vote,but everyone has come out to vote.
    Now Zman this is what you and I are all about.No matter who wins or loses;When you put on the Uniform in the morning remember the sacrifice made by so many that went before us to protect those most precious rights that our fellow Americans took for granted for so long.They did it Barack Obama and John McCain made the people listen,and made them think.This day belongs to America.Tomorrow willbelong to the winner,but today belongs to us

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