Underways are where Boredom is born!!

                                    Marines, Guitars and being underway!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Underways are where Boredom is born!!

  1. pop

    hahahahahaha Gotta love them Marines.I know just where they’re coming from.Troop ship or Amphib going to a combat area. Talk about lonely ass boredom..I remember going to Nam on the USNS Buckner I used to volunteer for guard duty,and walk the upper where the sailors were There was a Marine there.He was master at arms That tour was his last.He was either going to volunteer for duty with the 1st Marine Div and go to Nam himself or get out of the Corps.When we got to Cahm Ran Bay He got permission to go down the sea ladder with us and rode the first wave into Nam.Strange as it is the 1st marines were on the beach providing perimeter security.I really don’t know what happened to Andy That was his name.He had to go back with the sailors of the Buckner.

  2. Murdoch67

    Our new Presidents filthy habit: Yes kiddies Barack smokes Take heart smokers of America your new president smokes According to sources he is a chain smoker.That will make quitting difficult.But quit he must according to opinion and the non smokers I myself quit about 6 years ago,so I can understand both view points.Now who is going to tell him to quit? The secret service detail? Not if they have any brains.He can replace any or all of them with a snap of his finger.How about any of his new cabinet? You have to be kidding me.They’re going to risk a new 200K a year job to piss this guy off Yeah sure they are.How about the Congress?They haven’t said anything in the past.No they’ll keep quiet and use it against him in 4 years Mrs Obama has undoubtedly said something about it over the years She might get him to quit. But the two people whom I think will be instrumental in getting their Father to give up the filthy habit will be Sasha and mallia.How do I know that Tell me have you ever had a couple of teenagers in your face constantly trying to get you to give up smoking?Believe me I know what that man is up or should I say going to be up against.I’ve been there.So puff while you can my son or should I say Mr President elect They will get you to quit,believe that.

    Zman states – Noted

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