Astigula Amparte!!!


                                        Asareshee Mines!!


My life was seemingly no different from others and in some ways it was a lot more mundane then most.  Many years had passed since my mother Abigail had moved out of my life, and I had settled into the routine of raising my children the pride and happiness of my solitude life.  I cant seem to relay to others the solitude and emptiness that fills a heart when the one that raised you and nurtured the love for life is no longer there.  Most people live their lives and create happiness with trinkets and boubles in the hopes that the emptiness in their lives will somehow disappear in time.  My job while high profile and very lucrative was a very go through the motions in that is was the vehicle to give my beautiful children the life I so very much wanted them to have.  My two beauties in my eyes were to want for nothing. I afforded them the best of everything from education to material wants and needs.  There happiness had and always will be the driving force that propels my life forward,  hoping they never knew the emptiness I felt. I had tried to show them the love and guidance my mother had taught some many many years before.   It had begun to occur to me, the emptiness that I felt was more a spiritual one then a physical or moral dilemma. Somebody once told me that the things ahead of you and the things behind you were what hides in shadows to guide you or drag you back…..Иногда позыв пожрать и decimate идет вами когда их ничего внутрь из вас остановить его!!!

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One thought on “Astigula Amparte!!!

  1. Great steve.. children are great.. they make you forget all your worries.. They are the best..
    Everybody loves their mother… Nobody’s love will be equal to mother’s love
    One thing steve.. give best things to your children.. also make sure that they like them..

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