“Would you just listen”

Where I work!!

Where I work!!

Being an LPO or workcenter sup my whole career I have learned the most valuable lesson in my business.    The best leaders or supervisors were the ones that were expert followers.  If you listen you will learn is what I have been taught and continue to teach.  I have always thought the why me or augumetative supervisors were the worst, cause they  supervised by coercian or because I said so,  rather then demonstration of skill or  just building a plain old strong work ethic.  I have an agressive workcenter supervisor and a passive stressed out LPO working for me.  LPO does not like civilian presence in building and W/C sup thrives on it.  Both sides argue for their sides to be heard and I am the one in the middle with the black and white shirt…the LPO I will call Magilla and the Work Center Sup I will call Smurfette..my oh my they are as they sound Magilla is a big hulking guy …smurfette is a  petite female..both with personalities stronger then King Kong.  Today was okay you do this and you do this day when it came to what needs to get done in the division…Smurfette said some unpleasant things beit some of them true…Magilla did the same beit some of them true….Thank goodness I had a adopt a school so I could leave the building for a little bit…I thrive on being the one to standout front but dam when it rains it pours..Just a quick leadership is not fun sometimes thought!!

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3 thoughts on ““Would you just listen”

  1. this is good advice.

    Zman states – Thanks, I just try to listen learn

  2. highway

    yeah i got retards for bosses also i guess thats how it is

  3. highway

    hey bro maybe one day we have our own company be our own boss yeah yeah

    mcd logistics or mcd trucking inc

    Zman states – I am always telling Penelope that I need to be self employed when I retire from this canoe club. Just something that alllows me to do the things that I want during the day sometimes.

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