Philip Sherman is the stupidest person Alive!!!

Can I have a Happy Meal !!
Can I have a Happy Meal !!

Dumass  I mean Philip Sherman gets some nude pictures from his wife on his cellphone.  Okay people do that,  but then stupid ass leaves his phone at MCDONALDS.  So minumum wage worker finds the phone and presumably goes through it to find the owner (I am giving him the benefit of the doubt) and BAM hits PAY DIRT …NAKED CHICK.  If it were me, being the age of the worker OH yeah MY SPACE here I come which is what minimum wage worker did, forthwith.  Now dumass is suing MCDONALDS for 3 Million.  For emotional distress,  she is the stupidest chick on the planet for sending them to his phone and he has the mental stability of an amoeba for forgetting his phone with stuff like that on their.  No wonder we are in trouble as a country with idiots like this.   This just cracks me up,  just goes to show you that fast food really is bad for you..just a quick Tina Sherman nude pic thought..


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3 thoughts on “Philip Sherman is the stupidest person Alive!!!

  1. highway

    well if you ask me this little tart looks underage whats with the pic who cares id rather see a pic of a woman my own age not some under age thats messed up

    Zman states – This is one of the pics of his wife that was posted on My space…she is 25 or something. She was on CNN as well.

  2. It’s really bad to hear.. why a person has to keep such kind of pictures of his girlfriend in his mobile.. a real stupid thing 😡

  3. pop

    Here’s your chuckle for the day. In the same vein I remember reading about this married couple who made a porn tape of themselves.The following year their house was broken into and the porn tape disappeared. about year later the husband was in an adult video store and guess what video he saw on the shelf. There are nit wits and there are nit wit

    Zman states – Yes Yes what he said!!

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