Clueless before Thanksgiving!!

I love this picture!!

I love this picture!!

I am thankful for somethings and wishful of others.  There are two people I despise in this life, one is a douchebag of person that lives in Connecticut.  I worked with him on recruiting duty and truly hope one day he gets what is coming to him. The other is a clueless civilian I work for.  We got into another argument today about work stuff, and like clockwork he said and I quote ” We can go upstairs  and talk to the chief if you would like” thing is he is clueless about how much he is disliked and not respected by most in the building.  I have no problem with working side by side with civilians in my job, but if you have never spent a day in uniform you need to understand the mechanics of the statement talking to the chief and he clearly DOES NOT and more then likely NEVER WILL.  I am thankful of everything that I have and wishful that this person too will get what is coming to them.  Maybe his thanksgiving turkey will be bad and he will get sick, hey gotta dream right!!!! To me thankfulness is about appreciating what you have and knowing how valuable they are too you.  I am thankful that I have the best friends and family..just a quick can I retire now please thought..

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2 thoughts on “Clueless before Thanksgiving!!

  1. highway

    yeah bro im thankful for family to me thats what counts most my mom dad brothers wife stepson neices nephews we truly have alot as far as work yeah i hear you i work with bannana heads too best thing to do is ignore there retarded asses any way happy thanks giving to you penelope and the z-man


  2. pop

    Remember you don’t have to like the people you work with but you do have to show them respect. You should also remember a loss of rank effect the amount of your pension. So be careful and just ingore.

    Zman states – Civilian never spent a day in uniform works on base…dont like and dont respect..not going to get busted over yelling at said individual..

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