The Lazy Hazy Days of Retirement!!

I should have gotten excited about things today at work being that it was Evaluation signing day.  I was fully expecting to go in the office with a full bluster about what I wanted to see and how things should be and all that.  Problem is,  just could not get excited about things.  The closer I get to retirement the less I care about the things that I should care about.  My counter is at  3yrs and 8 months, and oh it cant get here fast enough.  When I came out on the other side of cancer last year I actually started to look forward to a diffrent life.  One that does not involve morning quarters and uniform inspection or anything Navy.  I love my time I have spent, but for me its time to go.  My thoughts most days are filled with what do I want to when I grow up.  I feel that if I make chief great if not is been an unbelievable adventure….just a quick can I go thought…

My Top 5 Career Choices
Sell Real Estate
Open  a Day Care for Navy Dependants  –  A great racket
Hot Dog Vendor  –  Cmon  thats a dream job
Beer Truck Driver   –  I know every guys dream
Sponge off my wife  –  A dream that I know will be not get realized
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6 thoughts on “The Lazy Hazy Days of Retirement!!

  1. pop

    Here’s some more career choices
    Mortgage Broker (suit and tie job )goes with Real estate you’re good with Math
    The Banking Industry They keep building them
    The Insurance game (the industry that owns America)
    Wall street. high pressure but big money
    Serco(civilian contractors)you know them guys you hate?They make good money,and it’s 9 to 5.
    Publicist(fancy word for Ghost writer)Did Obama actually write Audacity of Hope himself? Did Hillary Clinton actually write “It take’s a Village” herself No I do not think so They were done by a publicist with the thoughts of the principle. For which the publicist made some big bucks They do everything for which they get a flat fee+ percentage of the royalties.Sound nice? It is.
    Ok I gave you some ideas now all you have to do is wait until you retire in 3 yrs and 8 months.When you officially have 18 yrs you have a lock and they have to let you go the distance.

  2. highway

    yeah bro i think beer truck great idea you me joe mike buy our own company become our own bosses i knoe im sick of civil service time to be come an owner operateror hey the mcd bros in buissness hell yeah

  3. pop

    Afew more ideas after retirement
    Open a bar, open a deli, How about buying into the roach coach business.where do the go to eat lunch down there and don’t give me the mess hall Military only eat there when they’re broke,or don’t have time to run down town..Work for a contractor,some of them pay good money.better still become one Are you still considering college? I thought you wanted to go to Law school

  4. Just Me

    Sponge off me? I was hoping I could sponge off of you when this ride was over…Damn.

  5. zakvendetta

    16 years and four months in the Navy, you are a better man then me Petty Officer. I know it probably gets easier I am just now hitting my one year mark but 4 and done is all I could probably do especially since all 4 are on the air craft carrier. But almost 17 years is an amazing feat and one anyone should be proud of. I hope retirement from the Navy turns out to be all you hope it to be, 20 years of Cleaning stations, morning quarters, TAD to various jobs, and months at a time out to sea no other person deserves a happy retirement more.

    Zman states – For the life of me, someone someday needs to explain to me, why we need to clean the same spot 20 times a day…hey were bored lets field day…hhahahahahhha.

  6. Just Me

    Buff out that floor sailor!!

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