Sensitivity Training 101


Well my travels in my the Navy have taken still yet another strange turn.  I cruise through the first 16 years only to run into detour signs near the end.  Well while looking out for one of my guys and their current health situation… I (so they say)  befouled them in their equal opportunties as a Sailor.  So today I got an ear full from the Chief,  and I somewhat deserved it not totally though.  Way back when I can still hear the crusty old master chief and his first words to me when I checked into my 1st command “Mac remember take care of your people even if they dont want you too”..To this day I always try to the do the right thing…and  try to let advice I have gotten over time guide me.  My problem I think is twofold, first I believe that the younger ones coming up now dont listen like they should and take onboard what they are being taught and next  I screwed up in the words I chose when letting them know why I was making the decision I made.  Today it was never more true that you are damned if you do and damned if you dont…just a quick Oh well thought

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5 thoughts on “Sensitivity Training 101

  1. jasdeep

    Everyone we are studying pollution. We need you guys to atleast go to my blog. It is 😀

  2. highway

    well bro your right sometimes good advice falls on deaf ears some youngsters cant be told they are just too full of themselves my way of dealing with the crap is remembering what the old timers taught me patience patience patience well hopefully this helps rock on

  3. Anonymous

    Me32 is trippin’

  4. Respects are really lacking nowadays. 😦

  5. pop

    Hey Z your first,last,and most imortant job as an NCO is to take care of your people.Take care of the younguns,take care of your JR NCO,Help the PLt/section leader ( the LT/Ensign ) get his/her job done,always act as guide to the commander if they need one
    The pecking order is as follows
    in this particular order.You have two years left to march Sailor so continue to march Murdoch

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