The U.N Bloggers!!

Golden Temple at Punjab

Golden Temple at Punjab

It has always amazed me that countries and their leaders can never  seem to sit down in the same place  and figure out how to live together peacefully. There always seems to be that cultural difference beit religion or political party or what have you that stops it.  But yet people can look at each other’s blog anywhere in the world and translate the language and learn to understand them as people.  What motivates them, their likes, dislikes, how they feel about the god they worship and why.  I love taking a few minutes and day, going through my links and seeing how my blog friends in India and the Philipines  are faring this day.  I have not figured all the languages but I take a little while each day and study it.  So hopefully one day I can read Hindi  and Tagalog….I know its simple a thought but what about if   Dr Mannohan, Ali Khamenei and Barrack Obama opened a blog and read blog from each others countries..hmmm just a quick cultural thought

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6 thoughts on “The U.N Bloggers!!

  1. highway

    yeah bro your right if world leaders would just learn to sit down together and spend a few minutes getting to know one another they just might end up liking one another but there ignorance prevents them from doing that this year world peace would be nice

  2. highway

    anywas happy holidays to all bloggers and especially to all mcd clan love you guys

  3. Interesting thought. The blogosphere seems to have close ties with one another; if that extended enough, what would happen?

    Zman states – Utopia through WordPress imagine that.

  4. Even if they know that working together to achieve peace is the right thing to do, they won’t do it. Humans are innately selfish.

  5. I hope no world leaders read my blog…it would not help relations one bit.

    Good sentiment though…

  6. that is a beautiful thought!!
    Even I have to learn hindi soon 😛

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