Not the Job for me!!

One of the things that I have come to realize recently is that when I retire I need to be self employed.  John the fella I work for INDIRECTLY is the reason why. Now  John is a nice enough guy, even though I have come to realize that I dont like him much. I know that he is a hard working guy who developed a strong work ethic early on and kept with it.  But you see my issue is this,  John is a few older then me and he works probably works 55 to 60 hrs a week.  Even though I know he is salary and makes a decent living, to me his job is pedestrian he is a clock puncher.  If I am his age and working that many hours, please come find and put a f@#kin bullet in my head.  Penelope and I have talked about what kind of line of work I need to do when I retire.  Something that I can roll out of the rack a little later,  break for golf in the middle of the day then finish up the workday about 7 or 8.  No way I go from doing this to punchin a clock,  besides after 20yrs of bumping around this Navy I will probably be on Screw You overload for the first few months. I know what my parameters are for my next career though…Has to be low stress, manageable workload and hours, be able to smoke a little weed now and then.  Yes I find cannibas harmless, outlaw alcohol legalize weed.  Hey at least I say what everyone else thinks!!!!..just a quick future employment thought.

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5 thoughts on “Not the Job for me!!

  1. Career wanted

    Has to be low stress, manageable workload and hours, be able to smoke a little weed now and then.

    That is so funny. Love it

  2. highway

    well bro we need to go into buissness for ourselves i hear you im tired of punching the clock but on the other hand benefits are great as far as smoking dope thats a retarded idea stay away from the crap it gets you in more trouble then its worth

  3. You and me both, bud — later hours. Let me sleep in. I do my best work later anyway. That stupid “be here at this time and leave at that time” stuff’s gotta GO.

    Hope you find it!

    Zman states – I figure real estate sales..fits the best!!1

  4. pop

    Well this is one of the things I love about being retired.
    Here are my parameters for working A couple days a week somewhere between 9am and 4pm.No nights,weekends or holidays,and I am serious.What are my chances of being hired Are you serious

    Zman states – Life for me is way too short, to be like everyone else. I figure something Real Estates Sales or Corporate training will get me where I want to be. Have you ever been going somewhere in the middle of the day and went past a golf course or tennis court and seen the fellas playing. Some of them have it figured out..throw in some Johnnie Walker..add a touch of living within your means and of course burn one now and then..that’s me.

  5. pop

    Zman take it from me Ask any one in RealEstate,and they will tell you.It is a 24/7 job Yeah you can make the bucks,but you’ll work long hours.Thought you wanted to be your own boss.What would you like to do?What kind of business catches your fancy?The VA has what is called a small business loan to help you get started
    Shape up and Union won’t get it done.That’s what the beer Industry is.Ask slickman about Shape up and Union.Highway is finding out what union is all about.Even he’ll tell you to stay clear of it.Whydon’t you take some courses in Bus.Admin.,and get some idea what you want.Talk to career counselors(College) and see what they have to say.Talk to local VA counselors about job prospects Tell them what you want to do.Get yourself set up before you worry about playing golf in the middle of the day Not even I get a chance to do that ,and I have a very active retirement

    Zman states – Yeah no office stuff..there is something about the afternoon air and some golf..ooh yeah….call me at 11 see I will be at…To me life is meant to be lived …

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