I love this picture!!

I love this picture!!

Today was another rough day at work, my division shipped a part that was damaged in shipment.  The boss said the damage was about 17K,  I dont know how it happened but it did.  So we had to develop a plan for further prevention of this occurance , and as anyone can imagine it was a stressful day.  I am relaxed now a bit, that I have been home for a little while and I was thinking about what I love and the things that truly relax me and make me happy.   

I LOVE……….My penelope……surfing the net and working on my blog………thinking about the future……reading before i go to bed for the night…watching the Giant Game on Sunday…talking with my brothers (especially the shanty jokes I swear they plan the jokes they tell me)… family …(especially my nieces and nephews they keep the smile of life bright for me)… car its the coolest car i have ever owned…..lounging around on the weekend….meeting new people…..talking to people I know and asking about their life …reading blogs from my blogroll (they are truly some of the most interesting things I have ever read)…….my dog Zeus ( he is my little buddy and pal he lets me beat him up and still comes back for me..he is a tough little bastard)……i love being scared lets you know that you are alive……the first few minutes when Penelope comes home from work I get a weird feeling of deja vu (think about that for a moment)….talking to my dad about the stuf he writes he gets all giddy like a kid… chocalate ice cream….cannolies…….rooting for the bad guys in movies……well that will do it for now…just a quick what I love thought.

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4 thoughts on “Love!!

  1. bronxpowerconnect

    I like the pix too and it has a hinden message.
    you are doing good , round those ideas out.

    Zman states – Happy you liked….time pieces seem to make everyone smile.

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  3. That’s a pretty awesome picture. Heh.

    I like your list a lot better than that whole corny “Whiskers on Kittens” junk. Lots to be happy about there. 🙂

  4. Just Me

    Awwwww, you are the bestest baby. I love you more than you know.. No, not in a stalkish way…

    Zman states – That’s my penelope your the best ..but then I already said that….

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