Just taking a Mental Break


Funny Stuff
Funny Stuff

UPDATE 11/20 – Highwayman is disturbed by this one so I will explain it ( The dad is playing the game GRAND THEFT AUTO VICE CITY with his son.  This part of the game, Vic the focus of the game goes into a bar to beat up a hooker to get some money or kill the hooker EXTRA POINTS in the game.  Its kind of inappropriate to playing this game with a boy this young especially if your dad..hope this clears this up for most of the liberals out there with no children).  Zman sends

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4 thoughts on “Just taking a Mental Break

  1. I enjoy and respect your blog. Would you consider exchanging blogroll links?

    I don’t care about whether links and comments agree or disagree with my views as long as they are witty or intelligent, and your blog is both!!

    The only important thing is that we all have intelligent discussions about how to lift up America for our best possible future.

    Our future is what we make it, and idiot Congress and moron elected officials have proven by example that if we do nothing, we have no future.

    It helps to have some entertainment, satire and laughs along the journey.

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  2. Ah, father-son bonding!! Awesomeness.

  3. highway

    Hey Z this is gettin strange bro you be a little off the reservation

  4. 2id21l Thanks for good post

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