Christmas Retirement!!

Let someone else Shop!!

Let someone else Shop!!

I said it last year when I was on blogspot and caved to shopping barely.  So this year I am officially announcing my retirement from christmas shopping.  Last year there was some reason I was done but then I caved and went shopping.  This year it was some lady carrying like 10 kids behind her that dam near shoved me out of the way when I was walking out of a store.  I just cant do it anymore,  I go to the malls and shopping centers and dont see people that are enjoying a holiday by sharing and being polite to one another.  People are pushy and its a get out my way so I can buy this thing at a discount that I will wear once and use once then throw away or regift to someone else. Its just take take take..I swear it gives me that gluttonous feeling.  I know Penelople will be upset that I am buying anyone anything,  but thats life.  I told her I am not going XMAS shopping again until I see a total stranger do something generous for another person that is a stranger to them…just a quick I dont XMAS shop anymore thought.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Retirement!!

  1. Really hard to have holiday spirit with attitudes like that every year at this time. Pathetic, considering what the season’s about.

    Zman states – Please dont let my perspective dampen your holiday cheer..I wish you are yours the happiest Christmas and New Year and Festivus..

  2. pop

    Does anyone remember reading what happened up here on The day after Thanksgiving? An employee of Walmart was trampled by a herd of animals trying to buy those first day Christmas bargains The sad part about it is that the NCPD are going to let this die without ever finding those responsible.They knocked him down and ran over him like a herd of Stinking CowsThey were so desparate to get to their bargains that they even assaulted the employees trying to get to their injured comrade.However a power much higher than all of us will judge those cowards.To everyone go my warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas

    Zman states – NASSAU COUNTY PD are not real cops anyway. But yeah you are right about people are so worried about their XBOX at a discount that an injured person is not a big deal.!!!

  3. highway

    yeah your right xmas has become way to commercial people have simply forgot about family so lets get back to the real deal

  4. Sent it by a stranger..but a good Christmas thought

    Now I will tell you my very nice Christmas Story:

    It snowed a bit here on Friday. When I came home from work, I had to unwrap my fractured toe so that I could put on boots to go out and shovel the little bit of snow.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, came two men with shovels. The younger of the two asked if I needed help, I said no thank you. Again he asked, this time saying, it’s free – we want to help – I said no thank you I’m ok. He asked again – and I said it’s ok. The younger fellow, about 6 feet tall, turned to the shorter man – and said “I told you so”. I then looked a bit closer to realize that the shorter man was probably his father. His father was trying to teach his son to help other people without expecting anything in return. When I realized that, I quickly said, I could use some help with my driveway, you see I fractured my toe and it’s kind of hard for me. The father turned and said – go in the house we are here to help.

    I asked the younger fellow where he lived, he said right there and pointed to a house 3 doors away.

    The boy had grown so much; I didn’t realize he was the little boy my mother and I had always waved to. You see, they are an Indian family. The parents have difficulty communicating and I had always thought they just didn’t like Americans!!

    Now, go and do something special for Christmas. It’s doesn’t have to be a fancy gift. It could be one of those cards you talk into and say something special and then it plays music.


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