2008 A booth review!!

Cant say I am not happy to see this one go!!.   If I can characterize a year of my life in symbology this would have been a Hurricane. ..Started bad with dark clouds approaching..stayed that way for a little bit..the eye was calm and blew itself out with minimal damage.  The surgery in Jan was not fun and the ensuing infections and follow on surgery equally not fun.   But my Giants won the superbowl  in Feb  (Get Cancer but your team wins the big one hmmm thats some tradeoff) The visits to Baltimore saw things go a little haywire but Portsmouth put those fires out.  I rode the bench for a little bit of the year finally getting back in the game towards the end of the year (Thats a work metaphor)…A great birthday by my Penelope lifted me up (May) the Hurricane was downgraded and on its way out.   My Brother got married in July..  And the brothers were together for the 1st time in many years…I looked horrible but I like I said things were looking up…When I finally got back in the game in the summer months I was elected to an office at work and got my Section back.  Bout that time Penelopes Job decided they would move to Atlanta, so we made a life decision that warmer days were in our future (That means I will be a Braves Fan here soon)…My brother Joe came down for a visit round that time and built me a shed and I know the Brightwaters faction visited sometime this year maybe during the hurricane.   Speaking of Hurricanes my long lost Auntie  called me and she came down here with her new Beau Bert toward the end of the summer.  My Auntie is always an interesting person,  and a true free spirit.  I know at some point the man upstairs and I had a talk and came to some sort of mutual agreement that I would listen and he would talk and I would keep an eye out for the things that he is responsible for.  Its worked out okay so far (NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SOMEONE LIVING ABOVE ME)…Some friends have moved on and others have arrived,  misery replaced happiness but that happiness appears to be on it’s way back (Thanks to Penelope for keeping me inline).  My blogroll is full of folks that I dont even know but are there for me at every turn (And someone said a stranger cant help ?? hmm) …Ending this one better then the way it started.  So what do I want to do over the next year…Hmmmmm  Find what makes me happy again..read a few books..Learn Hindi…lose a few pounds…hold my penelopes hand a few million times…that will do for now….

Good, better, best; never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best –  Anonymous

Just a quick thats a wrap thought

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8 thoughts on “2008 A booth review!!

  1. Just Me

    You did NOT look horrible at the wedding. You looked distinguished. Love you..

  2. highway

    steve yes you are the man just wanna wish my va beach faction happy holidays love you guys

  3. highway

    ps the best pic at the wedding was you signing the marriage certificate for liz and i we love you bro

  4. pop

    Zman ; I know that you were in some pain and perhaps did not feel well,but you looked good at the wedding.Let us hope that 2009 will be a better year for everyone.. Happy New Year Everybody

    Zman states – I agree lets hope that next year is a dam sight better then this one was..

  5. Just Me

    What happened to Merry Christmas????!!!

  6. I was not at the wedding…but I’m sure you looked good or something like that. Good luck with the Hindi

    Zman states – Yeah thanks…i tried to look good…

  7. I have e-mailed you steve 🙂

  8. I am wishing you a very happy new year 2009 🙂

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