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Piracy Without Interest!!

My penelope is beside herself with my niece.  It seems that my niece has an illegal movie download site, that got flagged again by my ISP.   Keeping in mind that the same ISP is basically a monoply where I live,  they sent penelope an email threatening to shut down the account if we did not cease and desist with such  illegal piracy operations.  Me, I think if you allow such sites to exist of the web downloads are going to happen.  The Napster situation brought to light illegal piracy but this is different in that these movies for the most part are already on DVD or video.  (Remember when there were just VHS and BETA)..Hopefully my niece heeds the warning well see AND like everyone else I iwill be watching the big game tomorow except with minimal interest cause my GIANTS headed home early this year..was hoping for a repeat but it was not to be oh well it happens..the 1 second commercials seem to be the biggest hype for the commercial attraction to the game…well just a quick viewing thought.

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Let’s Turn the Lights Back On!!

Lets turn the Lights Back On

Lets turn the Lights Back On

Well I figured I would stop by the theatre and check the messages and see what my blog friends have been up to.  Leafless has been writing poetic and stories will a moral to them – DarcKnyt has been talking about sharing about the trials and travels on his life – Mad Silence has talked about stories of our language and the vision of the world through how Jr N Sr see things.  JP discussed anger about a missing lunch and also how the winter cold months can get you down –  Straight Drive has talked about life where he lives I think its India.  I have missed my blog friends but have enjoyed being a part of their lives through their words.  So I have a few thoughts and will start to share them again.  No news on the test results on my leg or the journey about wether the Navy is going to let me continue for another 3 yrs.  A longtime friend was going to collaborate on my blog but he is dealing with a crisis right now, So Jack J has other things right now.  I missed this place…The Gazette is a highlight in my day and I enjoy the matinee now and then…Hope everyone that watched the alchol video enjoyed it..Just a quick I am Back thought.

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Welcome to Pain Ave!!


A day that started as any other certainly did not end that way…Penelope tripped on a rock while walking out to her car this morning.  She fell face first causing some bumps, bruises and her computer bag took flight on to the neighbors lawn next door.  After she came back in and dusted herself off  tended to to her wounds, she made it too work still on time.  She has some swelling and cuts and scrapes but other then that she is okey dokey…as for myself my doc cut off a cyst that I had on my leg ..stitched me up and sent me on my way…I didnt get pain meds but that why they invented Motrin I spose…I just hope today was not a sign of things to come because last year did not start out all that hot either…just a quick oh that hurts thought.

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