Gladiator Football Endgame @ 545


Who knew that some thoughts about an incompetent football coach and his athletically challenged football team  (at least thats what most of the fans say!!)  would be the  blog entry with the most hits for the year.  There were some close runner ups but this one edged them out.  If I had not deleted the original post about Gladiator Football it would have been up over 700 hits, but the fan club just got to be too much for me.  Anyways on too higher goals and greaner pastures for now.   And yeah Fire Coach Dolan.  Just a quick thought

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6 thoughts on “Gladiator Football Endgame @ 545

  1. highway

    happy new year to the z-man lisa and steve

    Zman states – Happy New Year to you..

  2. Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season, and all the best for the new year. 🙂

    Zman states – Back at you my caped crusader friend

  3. Charlie call me Chuck

    thats funny, you just never know

    Happy New Year

  4. highway

    hey i got one for you hey jo jo why you breathin on me sal put him in the bathroom

  5. highway

    i dont want that face lookin at this kid when he throws them dice sal put him in the bathroom

    Zman states – What is that Bronx Tale..great flic

  6. pop


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    Finally, the rabbi said, ‘Beats a ham sandwich, doesn’t it?’

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