Ten Things I hate about my Job!!

Any one that reads this know that I am just counting the days til retirement or getting the boot for disability which ever comes first.   So here are my Top Ten Reasons Why I hate my job!!

10.  I hate with a passion not being able to wear whatever I want.                                                                                                            

09.  Deployment, dets and underways.  They were fun and interesting early on Now not so much.

08.  I am not big on authority anymore. 

07. I really do not enjoy working with kids half my age (There Dumasses)

06.  The NO Facial hair rule  (Adm Kelso was an Idiot, he is long gone bring back facial hair)

05.  I hate Duty. 

04. I think after a while you sell your soul to the job, I just cant do it anymore!

03.  After 16yrs and change I realize that asskissers and dirtbags and generally people that cannot lead get ahead  (Master Chief  Andy Noble  CASE IN POINT)

02. Moving around gets old

And the number one reason I hate my job

01.  I just do  EXCEPT IT!!!

Just a quick thought

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3 thoughts on “Ten Things I hate about my Job!!

  1. Those are excellent reasons. I agree with all of them.

    Let’s win the lotto and forget this working for a living crap, okay?

  2. your no. 10 is my no. 1

    your dress is such a personal expression of yourself; and to be forced to adhere to some arbitrary dress code is just nasty.

    office environment bad

    Zman states – Sometimes I feel like the Navy version of the guy in Office Space

  3. highway

    steve you should be careful calling supierior ncos and officers names be glad you got a job alot of folks not working hey i sometimes dont like my job but im careful about making comments about my boss

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