Atlanta – Not Just Yet!!

I was not going to open up the theatre today for a matinee  but in light of some news I decided to come in have a cup of  coffee….

You never know what might be in front of you!!

You never know what might be in front of you!!

Well like alot of  others things that happen in life easy come easy go!!.  Penelope’s job announced today  that they are closing the office she works in this summer.  Which actually stinks on two levels  the first being that she is going  job hunting in a horrible market right now  booo boooo  (good thing I got a raise where I am at and her car is paid off   woo hooo )  so she decided that she is going to start looking now and see what is out there.  They told her that her last day was not until July  but decisions at this place have been changed before so you just never know.   The other thing is we will not be moving to HOTLANTA like originally planned.  At least not until I retire or am seperated which ever comes first…and I think we will probably move closer to the coast  i.e.  Savannah area.  You just never know what the road ahead will have for you until you reach it.  Looks like me being a Braves fan will have to get put on hold as well…..that’s probably not a bad thing being that the Yankees signed Teixeira….just a quick relocation not quite yet thought

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5 thoughts on “Atlanta – Not Just Yet!!

  1. that is a twisted pic man.

    You never know where life will lead you, that’s what keeps it cool

    Zman states – Yeah just got it off the net, cant take credit for taking it…

  2. I completely understand what your wife’s going through, and how she feels. Unfortunately for me, being a contract employee most of my career, I generally don’t get the courtesy of more than a month or so of notice. At least she has about six months to shop herself around.

    But you can’t keep good folks down, and I know you’ll bounce back bigger ‘n’ better than before.

    God bless and we’ll keep ya in our prayers. 🙂

    Zman states – Thanks !!

  3. highway

    hey bro sorry bout bad news hey tell penelope that k teacher and i are behind her yeah i hear you were gonna leve this northern spot after k teacher retires then i head home to texas hey hang in therd love you guys

    Zman states – Yeah thanks shit happens right

  4. Life is full of unexpected curves in the road. I am sure that beyond this curve you will see that there was a reason for this and that your life will be better for what now seems to be a big negative.

    Zman states – Thanks for the pep talk

  5. The sun will rise again. Maybe there are better things in store for you and Penelope.

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