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Well today was somewhat a busy day in that Penelope and I replaced a rotted out pipe under our sink.  It was the connecting pipe going to the garbage disposal.  Anyone that has ever done this knows that it’s easy just the logistics of how it goes back together can be a pain in the ass.  It’s amazing to me that everything is plastic, the replacement pipe is a regular white PVC pipe and costs about 2 or 3 dollars.  I like to be able to do our own work around the house rather then hire Joe the Plumber to do something he will charge 70 dollars just to ring your doorbell and this doing it ourselves cost 5 dollars.  Hmm I should have been a plumber!!!!! ……Thats my end Murdoch what do you have ….Well Said Zman thanks……(The Last Great Hurrah)  ..Well the story is finished, edited, checked for grammar, spelling, and general accuracy.  With the help of the Zman I have created a believable Navy story.  I will not tell you the story, you will have to see it in publication.  So far as I am now concerned all of the main characters are situated in the story as it is told.  Realistically this is a story of the USN as it is today.  Moreover it is the story of two people who place their lives on the line for this country and their careers in jeopardy for each other.  There is a rumble with the North Koreans and the Cubans.  There is a Date rape and  General Court martial that exposes their personal lives, and threatens to destroy both of them.  I will put the story on “word” and then put it on a disk.  Then comes the hard part, selling it.  Right now I am torn between trying to get a publisher to atleast look at it,as opposed to gamble with self publishing.  Here you’re talking anywhere from 6 to 16 hundred.  Am I going to let just anybody critique it? Nope.  That will be my decision and mine alone.I made the mistake of allowing family to evaluate one of my stories and that will never happen again.  Any how thanks for listening and I’ll keep everyone posted.  And of course Murdochs thoughts can also be read on MURDOCH67.WORDPRESS.COM…Just a quick Working Day thought.

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One thought on “Zman Works -N- Murdoch Writes

  1. Hey, Murdoch, congrats on the completion of your novel. Is this your first? I do have a couple of suggestions for you, for whatever they’re worth.

    If you genuinely believe in the story and the writing, please at least try to submit to agents and publishers which don’t require an agent first. The reason is, self-publishing will ensure a traditional publisher won’t pick the story up — they’ll consider doing so buying a reprint, and won’t look twice at it.

    If after a reasonable amount of time and rejections (that’s going to vary from person to person, but this is NOT a fast process), then consider self-publishing. Just be VERY careful who you select; a lot of “vanity” publishers will end up bilking an author for a lot more money than originally believed.

    Having someone — and it doesn’t have to be family; in fact, I’d recommend someone you trust to be honest and straightforward with you — critique the work is a good idea. Find someone you can trust to do it well and ask them to. You won’t regret doing so; you might regret NOT doing so however.

    Just some thoughts from a fellow wannabe-writer who’s been banging his head on this craft for a number of years now.

    And sorry if you already knew all this because YOU’VE banged your head on it too. Not trying to be condescending, just offering some help. 🙂

    Best of luck no matter what you decide!

    Zman states – Thanks!!

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