The Dennison of the Jar!!


My Giants lost today so my life was in upheaval for a little while today but hey that’s life right!!..One of the things that I have been kicking around lately is where I am right now.  I dont buy into the crap about have you achieved the level of success you wanted to,  you wanna be a a bum you wannn a be president be happy thats the bottom line.  I was trying to sleep a few minutes ago, laying next to Penelope some things just kind of move through my head.  The way she breathes at night always makes me smile and the way the Zman (the dog) kind of fidgets and readjusts his sleeping position makes me smile.  My mother and Penelope have been getting on me about stop being miserable and move on.  Real happiness to me can only be found inside the mind and doing the things that make you happy  i.e. hobbies or making a life move  hence THE JAR…I dont want to reenlist, being that I hate this job but logic dictates stick out the last 3 yrs til retirement then I can go get a real job.  My misery kind of comes from just the feeling of being stuck in a dead end job and not be able to do the things that I want do.  Also things career wise have not worked out as planned but you know what, thats a fact of life so move one right!!.   My mother and I have not seen eye to eye lately but thats not all her fault, I am not the most forgiving person in the world….So what does the Dennison do to move on…how does one get back in the groove???  Since I started this blog that has been the theme getting back in the groove,  how do I get my groove back and look at things in a better light???  Hmmmm Not an easy right???  Nothing ever is…tomorow I  will get up and begin again back to work that is…maybe I will call my mother and go from there..Just a quick thought FROM THE JAR!!!

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3 thoughts on “The Dennison of the Jar!!

  1. Sorry about the Giants, Zman. Who’d’ve thunk it? Except Eagles fans, I guess.

    Lots of truisms here. I didn’t choose to be what I am but I became what I am because of my choices, so … I suppose it can always be worse.

    I can relate and feel the burn you’ve got going, brother. Hang in there. I’ll toss a prayer your way.

    Zman states – Thanks appreciate the kind words

  2. The key, which I think you already realized is that you will find happiness as you change your perspective not your circumstances. It is all up to you my friend. Not re-enlisting or re-enlisting won’t change in state of mind in the long run. You can never control all of your circumstances, you can always choose how you react to your circumstances. Your choice! Have a great day!

  3. Just Me

    You will know what to do when the time is right. You always do. Besides, I’ll be right next to you breathing funny as usual. Love you

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