Welcome to Pain Ave!!


A day that started as any other certainly did not end that way…Penelope tripped on a rock while walking out to her car this morning.  She fell face first causing some bumps, bruises and her computer bag took flight on to the neighbors lawn next door.  After she came back in and dusted herself off  tended to to her wounds, she made it too work still on time.  She has some swelling and cuts and scrapes but other then that she is okey dokey…as for myself my doc cut off a cyst that I had on my leg ..stitched me up and sent me on my way…I didnt get pain meds but that why they invented Motrin I spose…I just hope today was not a sign of things to come because last year did not start out all that hot either…just a quick oh that hurts thought.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Pain Ave!!

  1. Hope things look up soon!

  2. mom

    Ok so I read the blog today. I am sorry Penople fell. Please tell her I hope she feels better. As for you didn’t I tell you things would get better if you have faith, and smile. I want to see that sparkle again

    Zman states – K will Do…Dont be stranger..

  3. highway

    morning all well highway home sick today hey hope penelope feels better also z hang in there as for me well im now reinstated and back on staff so ill be into the office shortly gotta get back to my creative director duties hmm well snowing here so everyone stay warm

    Zman states – Yes Yes Hope you are feeling better..now go be creative..

  4. mom

    To Penelope Hope you feel better.Zman keep the faith my Son.May do a blog about the chosen 12.These stange men who played such a major part in the life of Jesus.

    Zman states – Always an interesting topic…

  5. Sorry that there were hurts and pains. It is what it is, I would not look to it as a sign of things to come. Rather you could look at and say that stuff is out of the way so more good stuff can come your way.

  6. highway

    hmm moms wants to do a religous blog well i guess we gonna get churched up he he he he he

  7. pop

    No Moms isn’t doing the reigious blog I am

  8. highway

    what do you call the new line of vatican bath products

    the pope on the rope

  9. Just Me

    OUCHIE!!!! I’m ok though. Thanks guys..

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