Let’s Turn the Lights Back On!!

Lets turn the Lights Back On

Lets turn the Lights Back On

Well I figured I would stop by the theatre and check the messages and see what my blog friends have been up to.  Leafless has been writing poetic and stories will a moral to them – DarcKnyt has been talking about sharing about the trials and travels on his life – Mad Silence has talked about stories of our language and the vision of the world through how Jr N Sr see things.  JP discussed anger about a missing lunch and also how the winter cold months can get you down –  Straight Drive has talked about life where he lives I think its India.  I have missed my blog friends but have enjoyed being a part of their lives through their words.  So I have a few thoughts and will start to share them again.  No news on the test results on my leg or the journey about wether the Navy is going to let me continue for another 3 yrs.  A longtime friend was going to collaborate on my blog but he is dealing with a crisis right now, So Jack J has other things right now.  I missed this place…The Gazette is a highlight in my day and I enjoy the matinee now and then…Hope everyone that watched the alchol video enjoyed it..Just a quick I am Back thought.

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Turn the Lights Back On!!

  1. Welcome back. We missed you. 🙂

    Zman states – Thanks

  2. Welcome back! Without you, the blogosphere just isn’t the same. 🙂 🙂

    Zman states – Thank you thats very kind!!

  3. highway

    good were back to work theater has beeen quiet well z-man good to have the editor and cheif back in office k teacher also will be glad were open again

  4. highway


  5. Just Me

    Get up, dust off. Let’s go!!

    Zman states – You got it!!

  6. Glad you are back and the lights are on. Good luck with your leg.

  7. k-teacher

    Glad to see you’re back… I always enjoy the z-gazette in the evening after dinner!

    Zman states – Its almost like reading the evening post on sunday morning hahaha thanks!!

  8. pop

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation Welcome back

    Zman states – Yes I did thank you..thanks for buying a ticket enjoy the show!!1

  9. I found your site and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good articles. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    Zman states – Glad you liked them, thank you ..stay tuned

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