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My Favorites Revisited !!

I love this Place !!

I love this Place !!

On June 7 2008 I posted about My favorites (Food Places)  Revisited would be My Favorite Movie Scenes At Least the Top Ten

10.  They Live  (Rowdy Piper – Keith David Fight Scene  (A must see!!!)

09. Batman (Michael Keaton Batman introduces himself to crook on the roof)  “Tell your Friends about me  I’m Batman”

08. The Godfather (Opening scene)  Probably Marlon Brando’s best work

07. The Caine Mutiny (Courtroom Scene)  Nothing beats Bogart!!  Every military movie courtroom scene is patterned off that or close to it.

06.  Towering Inferno (Some of the best stunts for the time) The Final Scene before the Water Tanks go.  The look on everyone’s face you just know all hell is about to break loose.

05.  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Probably the best western ever made)  The final showdown scene with Van Cleef -Eastwood-Wallach.  Cmon probably one of the best climatic scenes ever.

04.  Forest Gump  –  The scene where Tom Hanks is standing over his late wife Jennys grave.  One of the saddest scenes in movie history..favorite cause it showed the power of true love.

03.  Tombstone –  Train Station Scene – Wyatt Earp kills one of the bad guys and tells the other that hell is on its way.  You just know holy crap chaos is about to ensue.

02.  Rocky Balboa ( Horrible movie I thought)  But the scene outside the restaurant where he tells his son about the ups and downs of life.  Truly a moving and inspiring scene!

01. The Exorcist (Argueably the scariest movie ever made)  Every Scene where there is interaction between Father Damien and the Demon.

At least that’s how I see it when it comes to some of the best Movie Scenes…Just a Quick Cinema thought

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Sarcoma Part II!!

Well, hell Dr R got back to me today about the test results.  And they are what we thought,  in that the Sarcoma that I had in my leg has spread to my lungs.  I dont think Penelope and I were real shocked, I was hoping it would never come back and if it had too not for several years.  To me its okay to be diagnosed when you are 80 in a wheelchair and have a Swedish nurse you call Mama.  Not real sure what is next in that will I be treated at NMPC or JHH?.  My best case scenario would be that they can just cut it out and move on with on with our lives.   I feel terrific and told the guys I work with that I am going to work as much as I can, they are all good with it. I am lucky to have such a great support network at home and everywhere else…just a quick yeah this sucks thought

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Needles -N- Roses!!

Portsmouth Naval Hospital

Portsmouth Naval Hospital

Great Anniversary Gift

Great Anniversary Gift

Well today is yet another day of convalescence leave for me.  Yesterday was one of those really long days that you think IS THIS DAY EVER GOING TO END.  It started early at 0500 and I had to be at NMPC by 6 for a biopsey on my lung..(see earlier posts).  Anyone familiar with the Navy knows it is a very hurry up and wait lifestyle.  So they finally started the procedure at 1045..lots of good drugs but lots of needles in my back and throat (thyroid mass)..and they observe you for a few hours afterwards to make sure there are no complications.  I finallally saw the mass on my lung and it was a bit shocking to that it looked solid and filled out the whole middle of my lung but the doc calmed the flames by explaining most of it was dead cells and fluid and stuff.  The upside of yesterday I can sum up in one word

VICODIN     so now we play the waiting game for the results…on a much lighter note last Saturday was Penelope’s and I 8th Anniversary woo hoo..she is the best person in my world and I just love her to no end.  I got her a message in a botttle  (MESSAGEINABOTTLE.COM)   and some pottery (which is 8th yr gift).   She loved them both or so she says hahahaahah.  She got me a black and white portrait of Honus Wagner .  Its a 1917 picture when he was managing the pirates.  Its such a great pic I love time pieces….well just a quick life happenings thought

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