While reading the evening Gazette, I got to thinking about a recent book I read that talked about how people these days seem to have more frenemies.   Friend + Enemy = Frenemy, the author was talking more about how women tend to have more frenenmies then men.  But as I sat and thought about things I realized that I have 2 frenemies.  These two guys are despicable is every way, and if they get hit by a truck I dont care.  But the premise of the frenemy is someone that you associate with just so you can badmouth them or get back at them at the right time.  Its almost similiar to what Marlon Brando said in the Godfather “You keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.  Maybe this is the just the evolution of that statement….well time to close up for the day..just a quick frenemy thought

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7 thoughts on “Frenemies!!

  1. Interesting post, Zman. I’ve always taken the approach of not associating with anyone I don’t like unless I have to — e.g., at work — for just this reason. I don’t want to victimize — or be the victim of — someone’s malicious back-stabbing. Now I know. 🙂

    See? I really DO learn something everyday. 🙂

    Zman – Haha sorry didnt mean to be educational.!!

  2. pop

    A word from Murdoch67 (

    Captain Katherine Pike entered the Bridge of the USS Andrew Jackson and walked to her chair.
    “Is everyone ready?”She asked Turning to The OOD
    “You have the Ship Lieutenant Smith Take us out”
    “Aye Aye Captain” His reply was crisp and filled with authority “Make all preparation to get under way.Secure all mooring lines.Master Chief Stearns to the Bridge”.In just two weeks The Last Great Hurrah will get under way as I put her on Word and then on a disk.I estimate that printing and final editing will take approximately a month. Then I will enter phase 2 of my journey,and that will be the publishers.As of this writing I will choose two or three well knowns such as Penguin Group,Bantam Etc.Right now only one or two people will be seeing it before it goes to the publisher.
    I’ll keep all posted

    Zman – Sound exciting we look forward to it!1

  3. Surprisingly, a fine line can separate love from hate, friend from enemy.

  4. Interesting isn’t it how people choose to use their energy. I can’t imagine pretending to be a friend just so I might have the opportunity to cause harm to a person.

  5. Nice post Steve 🙂
    Most importantly, welcome back.

    You have been awarded Steve:

    Zman – Thank you thats very kind of you I am both humbled and flattered

  6. highway


    Zman – I truly enjoy the Highway tell it like it is way. CAPS is yelling though…but hey it does not snow in the Mid Atlantic so I would not know anything about that!!

  7. Personally, no friend is an enemy. I think frenemies only exist in movie and literature.

    Zman states – I wish I could say they didnt exist but I have seen them…Denis Leary talked about it in his book Why We Suck…

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