Inside The MARCC Part IV

This Bldg sometimes replaces Hell on Earth!!

This Bldg sometimes replaces Hell on Earth!!

As unusual jobs go,  mine takes it in alot of ways.   When I was coming up it was easy,  all I had to do was show up for work and work.  Becoming a supervisor you take on a whole new set of obstacle courses.  Today was a perfect example of this.  In the first 2 hours of work  (0620-0820) I had to deal with 3 subordinates that each tell a different version of a he said she said story.  The Jr person while a hard worker, is a little older and set more in her ways so its tough to sometimes explain things.  And the 2 Sr people are stress monkeys and need to do everything themselves so yeah that didnt go well.  Then the Civilian in charge was his usual dumass self so that set the tone for the rest of day.  And as always SH was late, she cant seem to show up on time ever,  I had to rewrite a few evals,  and things in PC were hectic today.   Thing  is you cant fire anyone, all you can do is write someone up.  And of course the new breed of Sailor, they ARE NEVER WRONG apparently.  I knew when I was wrong coming up admitted it and moved on.  The new guys never seem to take things on without being told and THEY ALL WANT TO GO HOME EARLY!!.  What is missing in todays Navy is the concept that you have to PAY YOUR DUES!!…to top it off  the guy I really look to for guidance and advice there while knowledgable is more times then not in the way..because I work in his shadow most of the time…well that was my day..Just a quick Inside the life thought.

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7 thoughts on “Inside The MARCC Part IV

  1. Sounds like the best part of your day today was ending it. Hope tomorrow’s a better one.

    Zman – Yeah was not the best day, everyday its always something there….

  2. Funny how when you are on the bottom rung the top always looks so much better then when you get there. What you described is not unique to the Navy, many supervisors across a wide span of disciplines experience similar issues. Think you can fire someone in corporate America, not as easy as you might assume. Keep plugging away, things will get better.

  3. highway

    hey all yeah i know that goes im off from the kremlin today sick yeah my bosses act like big shots but they are the biggest bunch of retardswho forget where they startedanyone that dont know me i work in oublic works im a municipal truckeranyways take care boys and girls highways eastbound and down

  4. highway

    yeah i say power to the ppll

  5. “you gots to pay your dues” is a lesson my boys will learn as they grow up…it isn’t being hard…its learning how to listen to experience and having dignity in your work.

  6. k-teacher

    Seems like things are the same no matter what profession you’re in. The least competent person gets promoted … others don’t pull their weight & the hard – working, nose to the grindstone types gets ridiculed by peers for being an over achiever.

    Am I being too pessimistic? Maybe.

  7. k-teacher

    i think the hell with em highway has a great outlook

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