Dam Scale Must be Busted!!

Blogging Award from Pete at Straight Drive

Blogging Award from Pete at Straight Drive

My Enemy!!
My Enemy!!

One of the things that I have definetely changed courses on since last year, is that I hate having to watch what I weigh.  I have been telling Penelope that I have to lose weight cause the Bi Annual PFA is comin up in April.  PFA=Physical Fitness Assessment.  I used to cruise along well within weight standards, in fact I used to get upset because I could not gain weight.  Now I look at things a little differently in that I enjoy cannolis a little more, Umbertos when I am home,  fresh mozzarella,  fresh cheese cake.mmmmmmm.  Cause now I think hell life should be lived and enjoyed when you have the chance.  So I pay for it at the gym  325 calories is not easy on the stationary bike,  I live for the day that I dont have to watch what I eat (as much).. aahhh the lazy hazy days of my 1st retirement just a scant 3 yrs in the distance….Just a quick hey get a load of fatso thought…

P.S.  I would like to thank Kanagu over at Straight Drive for the Award that was very Kind – Zman sends

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6 thoughts on “Dam Scale Must be Busted!!

  1. I’m fighting (losing … lost, maybe?) the battle of the bulge too. Thank the good Lord no one’s checking my level of fitness, though. I’d be in deep dark stuff then. Good luck!

    Zman sends – You too huh! Well keep on keepin on!!

  2. pop

    Zman Right now none of the armed Forces are really looking at the scale.They can’t afford to.But this does not mean you can go food crazy,because as soon as we get out of Iraq,and they are able to trim down the Military size(assuming we don’t beef up in Afganistan) they might start another draw down.Believe me Son our not so favorite Uncle will tell them all to get skinny or get out.By then we all feel you will be among us Retirees.I saw this Sailor just last week and could not help but notice the gut on him.Of course the Army has a large number of fatties.About the only branch that is still keeping the standard are the Marines.But after learning to develope a taste for tree bark,and dog poop they never eat real food again.The problem is most of them can’t count past their fingers and toes,but that’s alright.They can shoot,and fight and that’s what’s important.
    Any how think about those good retirement years ahead.

  3. If you work with your enemy, he will be your friend. Then it won’t be as bad. 🙂

  4. Oh, I remember those days of being concerned about the weigh-in. Of course as I got older the more the weight became an issue. Thank-goodness that I was able to pass the body fat measurement the last few years. When I retired, it was nice to not have to worry and yes I did put on a few pounds, which I have shed and put back on a couple of times.

    Zman sends – Yeah you know then..it stinks

  5. highway

    eh who cares about weight so long as your happy hey im no picture of fitness but im a happy camper as far as the military goes eh who cares he he he he im happy as a highwayman hmm

    Zman sends – I wish I could say who cares but the Navy employs me for at least 3 more yrs…yeah weight watching stinks

  6. I was a 115 when I graduated high school with a metabolism like a mouse….those days are long gone!

    Zman sends – Hahah yeah i hear ya on that!!!

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