Tanqueray Among Friends!!

Best Way To Dull the Senses!!

Best Way To Dull the Senses!!

Well last night was the MARMC belated XMAS party, so much so that they called it the Valentines Day Party.  I am not a huge fan of  company parties, but being that some many people were going and the caviot of today off if you went, Well i just had to be a company man.  It turned out to be a good time, I had a few drinks (Tanqueray and Cranberry  AHHH Gin the nector the gods) and sat with the some fellas I know.  The grand prize was a blue ray disc player ( I dont know who won it, i left fore they did the drawing for it) and some door prizes were for gift cards for stores and restaurants.  One of the things that always strikes me as odd,  is how some folks dress inappropriately no matter how much you tell them certain kinds of clothes cant be worn i.e.   torn jeans, tuxedo tshirts and the list goes on.  But Navy folk, especially the young pups coming up just need to push the enevelope I guess.  Its funny the functions you go to that you think are going to stink are the most fun and vica versa. hmmhh…Just a quick partying thought.

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5 thoughts on “Tanqueray Among Friends!!

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  2. Our Christmas parties are generally really conservative, but there are always the 3-4 “skanks” who show up looking like they are going to work at the strip club later on. You just want to say “you aren’t hot enough to pull that off, sister”.

    Of course, if they were really good looking, I wouldn’t have a problem.

    Zman states – AHAHAHAHAHAHAH lol thats exactly what I am saying ahahahahhahaha Skanks ahahahahahhhahah….

  3. Ah, sweet bliss of cranberry gin! Even the worst evening can be made better with that salve, eh, Steve? 😉 At least you showed up, bud — I’ve been to exactly ONE company Christmas party, and I was sorry I went. To this day. 😉

    Zman sends – As soon as I got their I knew Tanq was going to be my friend.

  4. Yeah, you never know which party is going to be great and which one will be a bust. Dressing appropriately is a learning curve for many.

    Zman sends – Yeah the guy from a buddy of mine said it best how some dress…but yeah the young kids either overdress or underdress ahahah funny though

  5. highway

    yeah i hear that i like the way buddy o mine thinks kudos my friend yeah theres always a few office ho,s or as we say skanks the party is not complete with out a few skanks and the drunk with the lamp shade on his head he he he he anyway z-man im westbound and down
    Z sounds off – Lampshades are funny as well

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