Needles -N- Roses!!

Portsmouth Naval Hospital

Portsmouth Naval Hospital

Great Anniversary Gift

Great Anniversary Gift

Well today is yet another day of convalescence leave for me.  Yesterday was one of those really long days that you think IS THIS DAY EVER GOING TO END.  It started early at 0500 and I had to be at NMPC by 6 for a biopsey on my lung..(see earlier posts).  Anyone familiar with the Navy knows it is a very hurry up and wait lifestyle.  So they finally started the procedure at 1045..lots of good drugs but lots of needles in my back and throat (thyroid mass)..and they observe you for a few hours afterwards to make sure there are no complications.  I finallally saw the mass on my lung and it was a bit shocking to that it looked solid and filled out the whole middle of my lung but the doc calmed the flames by explaining most of it was dead cells and fluid and stuff.  The upside of yesterday I can sum up in one word

VICODIN     so now we play the waiting game for the results…on a much lighter note last Saturday was Penelope’s and I 8th Anniversary woo hoo..she is the best person in my world and I just love her to no end.  I got her a message in a botttle  (MESSAGEINABOTTLE.COM)   and some pottery (which is 8th yr gift).   She loved them both or so she says hahahaahah.  She got me a black and white portrait of Honus Wagner .  Its a 1917 picture when he was managing the pirates.  Its such a great pic I love time pieces….well just a quick life happenings thought

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8 thoughts on “Needles -N- Roses!!

  1. Still keeping a prayer on the stove for you, Steve, and I hope everything turns out well. Glad the ladylove liked her gift. 🙂

  2. A message in a bottle? You are very creative with your gifting.

    Zman states – Yeah i try to sit and think about how to best surprise her…

  3. pop

    Great shot of the Hospital.As I remember that was where you had the radiation treatment.What did everyone think of that joke yesterday.I go one this one site,and this guy named Richie puts them up 2 or 3 times a week.Here if you need me

    Zman states – Yes it was!!

  4. highway

    yeah i hear you bro lifes hurry up and wait sometimes i dont get it good to hear you yesterday hey i just want you to know k teacher and i are here for you remember bros till the end im with ya all the way till the finish hey how did you like that story i told you bout the eye dr imagine the receptionist thought k teacher was my daughter damm highway gettin old he he he listen gotta jet ill check back tommorow love ya


  5. highway


  6. pop

    The latest comedy stylings from Murdoch67 (Zman posts and does not write these jokes so please forgive me)

    The elderly priest, speaking to the younger priest,

    said, “You had a good idea to replace the first four pews with plush bucket theater seats. It worked like a charm. The front of the church always fills first now.”

    The young priest nodded, and the old priest continued, “And you told me adding a little more
    beat to the music would bring young people back to church, so I supported you when you brought in that rock ‘n roll gospel choir. Now our services are consistently packed to the balcony.”

    “Thank you, Father,” answered the young priest. “I am pleased that you are open to the new ideas of youth.”

    “All of these ideas have been well and good,” said the elderly priest, “But I’m afraid you’ve gone too far with the drive-thru confessional.”

    “But Father,” protested the young priest, “my confessions and the donations have nearly doubled since I began that!”

    “Yes,” replied the elderly priest, “and I appreciate that…. But the flashing neon sign, ‘Toot ‘n Tell or Go to H*ll’ cannot stay on the church roof.”

  7. Vicodin IS THEE wonder drug. I had to throw out my prescription after 2 days because it felt waaaay too good.

  8. Sounds like a rough day! My thoughts are with you.
    Happy anniversary.

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